Wide Variety of Produce Offerings
Face-to Face Sales for Asking Questions and Getting Cooking Suggestions
Competitively Priced
Fresh, Clean, and Beautiful
On-Farm Compost Used
Wholesale Orders Taken
Available at farmers’ markets, Specialty Food Stores, and Seasonally at the Farm
There are many benefits associated with eating organic vegetables. No synthetic chemicals are used as fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. Thus there are no chemical residues on your produce. Children are especially susceptible to pesticide residues in their bodies. At our farm we go a step beyond the USDA Organic Regulations. Although there are many “natural” pesticides and herbicides approved for use, we choose to stick with hand weeding, floating row cover, crop rotation, and hand picking pests as our main tools for pests and weeds. Many studies have found that organic fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than conventional produce. Organic vegetables have been found to be much higher in vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, molybdenum, phosphorus, and zinc. Also, certain crops have been found to be higher in select compounds such as antioxidants, salicylic acid, beta carotene, and lycopene.

There are also numerous benefits to the environment associated with organic vegetables. Organic farming is based on strong environmental stewardship of the land including development of biological diversity, increase soil health and fertility, clean water, and vibrant ecosystems. Pesticides and herbicides made from synthetic chemicals lose their potency over time, which results in plant and insect species with resistance to these chemicals. This results in increased application of chemicals and the development of even more toxic and dangerous sprays. These chemicals along with synthetic fertilizers run-off agricultural land where they end up in surface water and ground water. There is mounting evidence that conventional agriculture is responsible for contamination of food, water, soil, and air as well as decreased wildlife populations and soil erosion. At our farm, it is our mission to be good stewards to the land. We use practices that protect and improve our wildlife, biodiversity, and soil health.

We offer a wide variety of different vegetables for the consumer. We grow staple products that everyone enjoys such heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes. We also offer more unusual produce such as kohlrabi, kale, and Italian beets just to name a few.

It is a tremendous benefit to the consumer to meet the farmer who grows their food face-to-face! Customers can ask questions about how the food was grown, washed, what something unusual is, and how to cook a product they are not familiar with. We love questions and are happy to offer suggestions and answers to the best of our ability! We offer recipes and gardening advice. Also, consumers can see the family they are supporting. It is a mutually beneficial and time-honored relationship for food consumers to connect with food growers.

Our prices are extremely competitive not only with other local growers, but also with organic produce in the large grocery chains. Customers are pleasantly surprised to see how reasonably our food is priced. They are further fulfilled from supporting a local farm-family.

The vegetables purchased from our farm stand are only a day or two out of the ground. Many items are harvested the morning of market! The customer purchasing our food receives the benefit of vibrant, healthy, and extremely fresh food. We pride ourselves in thoroughly washing all our vegetables so they are beautiful and clean for consumers. There is an eye-catching benefit to visiting our farm stand as well with all the beautiful, deep, and intense colors to the vegetables we offer.

The benefit of having a dairy at our farm is that we make compost and fertilizer for our gardens with manure, hay, and bedding from our own farm. All the inputs for our compost are certified organic and directly from our own cows. We purchase certified organic potting soil for our seedlings from Living Acres in New Sharon, Maine. Again, by supporting our farm consumers are also supporting other local businesses.

Catering companies, health food stores, daycares, and other institutions can purchase our delicious and fresh organic vegetables at wholesale prices. This is a great benefit for anyone interested in serving our vegetables to larger groups of people.

We sell vegetables at three farmer’s markets across Central Maine. You can find us with vegetables in Augusta, Waterville, and Skowhegan at farmers’ markets. Our vegetables are available from May until November at the farm as well.
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