Grain Fed on Grass
No Antibiotics
No Hormones
Available at Farm
Did you know that commercial chickens are raised and stuffed in large buildings with no access to fresh air or sunlight? Did you know that most chickens are fed medicated feed loaded with antibiotics? Did you know that these chickens are dipped into bleach water after slaughter causing the meat to absorb water (and bleach!) thus the 10% water clause on the label?

Did you know you have a choice for chickens raised outside and without hormones or antibiotics?

Our chickens are raised in a chicken tractor, which we move onto fresh grass each morning and evening. The pen gives them access to sunshine and shade or cover from the rain. They are fed grain free of hormones and antibiotics. Our birds are never bleached after processing! Those of you who have had our chickens in the past know there is no chicken available commercially that is anything like ours.

Order your birds today to be picked up from our farm in Skowhegan.
They will be $3.50 per pound fresh, or $4.00 per pound bagged and ready to go in your freezer. Orders will be first come first served. If you are unable to pick up your birds fresh then we will gladly freeze them for pick up at a later arranged date.

For more information or to place your order you can contact Sarah at or 474-6864.

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